Welcome to Brooks Enterprises International, Inc. (BEI, Inc.), an Engineering Services Company incorporated in the State of Alabama since 1997. 

Feel free to contact me at jbrooks@bei-corp.com. if you have any special needs.


As a licensed Professional Engineer (AL # 22696), I take very seriously the Code of Ethics established by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), and subscribe to the concept of Qualification Based Selection. I promise to maintain only the highest level of technical support to my clients.

Company Status

BEI, Inc. is a Corporation in the State of Alabama and is registered with The US Government  Central Contractor Registration (CCR) to conduct business  with the US Government..

DUNS: 939742409; CAGE Code: 1M7Y0


BEI, Inc. is a MATLAB/Simulink - centric Engineering Services Company .

Dr. Brooks has owned   Mathworks products for 20 years, and has extensive experience in all aspects of application of those products.

BEI, Inc.s has exclusively employed Mathworks products  since it's founding, and currently owns commercial license fro the following products:



Communications System Toolbox                        

Control System Toolbox                               

DSP System Toolbox                                   

Image Processing Toolbox                              

MATLAB Coder                                         

MATLAB Compiler                                      

Mapping Toolbox                                       

Neural Network Toolbox                               

Signal Processing Toolbox                            

Simulink Coder    (Formerly Real-Time Workshop)                                   

Simulink Control Design                              

System Identification Toolbox                        

Wavelet Toolbox         

  In addition, BEI, Inc. is in the process of obtaining a license for the Phased Array System Toolbox .

The following list summarizes BEI, Inc.  core capabilities :

  • RADAR system modeling, analysis and design (Including Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR))
  • Precision Antenna Control Modeling/Simulation, Analysis and Algorithm Design
  • Missile Guidance, Navigation and Control Simulation
  • Satellite Mission Planning
  • Communications Modeling
  • Model-Based Design/Rapid Prototyping


Many thanks for your time; we look forward to serving you in any way.  Please feel free to contact me at any time by phone or email (Snail-mail works fine, too!)

News and Current Events

Dr. Brooks recently completed 3 year Engineering Services contract  with Northrop Grumman Information  Systems  of Huntsville, AL, in the modeling, simulation and design of stabilization control algorithms for the Sea-Based X-Band RADAR IDT.  The SBX IDT is a communications component of the overall NMD program.

The algorithm design was tested first at Johnson Space Center in May 2004 and validated during sea trial in the Gulf of Mexico in September 2005.  The SBX vessel is currently deployed in the Pacific Ocean.

For more information on these and other BEI accomplishments, please  see the Recent Accomplishments  page.



The SBX Underway in the Gulf of Mexico


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